Nora's adventures!



Nau mai haere mai






Tika hoki & e noho rā


Thank you and goodbye



I returned back home and kind of settled in now. It feels strange and wonderful to be back home. I had the most amazing experiences but I also missed a lot of things.


A big thank you to all my friends and family who‘ve read this confusing, and chaotic stuff and didn‘t forget me.

Can‘t believe that almost nothing has changed on this side of the world.


I miss New Zealand and the freedom I had already but it‘s also nice to be back home and finally leave things behind and start new. Such a journey makes you deal with yourself a lot and makes you realise so many things. New Zealand is the most beautiful, peaceful and adventurous country and I will definitely return one day!


I might be back home but I haven‘t really arrived yet. Or have I?

See you all in person now :-)



Aroha Nora :-)



And now… to new beginnings!







Last update before I’m back home!


Diary and photos from Fiji updated!

Sadly I didn’t manage to take a lot of pictures while I was sick!

Fiji turned out to be different then I expected!


So excited to be home soon!

Can’t believe the journey is almost over!


See you all really soon!

1000 kisses




Happy Birthday to Lara!

My little Wuselkopf!

Have something in my bag for you!

Huge fat birthday kiss for you!




Diary updated!


Goodbye New Zealand - Welcome Fiji!


Next important dates:

         18.-30.06.10           Fiji-Islands-Trip

         30.06.-03.07.10       Melbourne

         03.07.10                 Flight back home!


I won‘t be having internet on the Fijis - so the next update will probably come from Melbourne or back home.


Soon my adventure will be over!

But new adventures are awaiting me at home.

Love to see my friends and family again!





My mom just told me that we have a new member in the family!


Welcome little baby boy Simon!

I arrived earlier then expected too!

Welcome to our great big family - we are crazy but you‘ll love us!

And congratulations to Sina und Matthias of course! Well done!

I hear he‘s got full black hair? Keep him away from the girls!

Hope I can see him soon!








All the PHOTOS and DIARY entries from AUSTRALIA!!!!

Finally! Internet is back!


Watch out for signs saying New !


Not much time to go now - I am enjoying my last month!


Sorry about all the grammar- and typing mistakes in the diary! I‘ve noticed that some things doesn‘t make sense and at least it‘s authentic. :-)


Miss you all

Happy to see you all soon

Back in July









Thanks for all the birthday wishes! :-)

Kisses to all of you from Australia!!!


Rest of diary till today is updated!!

A lot of Photos updated!







I was finally able to update the diary of being on the farm - couldn‘t do that as long as I was there because I can‘t remember if I gave them the address. And I needed to be away from them when they read it   :-D


I am back in Auckland now!! Yeah! My next adventure starts soon!


And pictures updated too!

Have fun!



Ps: Don't forget the pictures!! 




It was a laugh to fool some of you with my April joke! :-D


Happy Easter!


Diary is updated!


And another thing I would like to try…


Show me your heart! Your support, birthday-wishes and well-wishes :-P

Take a look at the link for more info

Let‘s see how many we can get!


I am waiting… till the 2nd of May


Go take pictures! Be creative - come up with something!





Last Wellington Photos

Diary and Photos of the Wild West Farm  = finally UPDATED!!!! :-) 



I know… I know…!

Gallery Wellington and Diary - finally updated!!!


Have fun!

Write comments!





Diary in Wellington is updated! Expect confused thoughts! :-D




Happy Birthday my dear Désirée!!!

Happy Birthday too youuuuu!!


Miss you loads and wish you could be here with you - already have some great ideas for our next big trip!



I needed to rearrange some things on this side because I used too much space. So now there will be a new site for all the photos starting at the day 16 or something. I had some stupid computer problems, because I deleted so much and still there wasn’t enough space so I needed to find out how to load up new things on this side.


The diary is updated and photos till Auckland are up!

I just arrived in Wellington and have a lot of stuff to sort out - so it might be a couple of days till the next update!







Big big Photo update!


took me hours... but now you can see photos till day 13!!!


I am a bit homesick today, because most of the people from my group went home or someplace else - but I will find new people soon!


Might meet with Ante tomorrow - and go whale watching!

Just need time to get used to this now!







Updated the diary!

Updated Photos till day 8!


Almost at the end of my trip now!


So sad and so excited about what's going to come up!






Welcome baby-girl!

All the best to my cousin Jonas and his girlfriend Katha who just gave birth to a healthy little baby-girl. Lou is a big sister now! Girlpower! Yeah!


I love my big family!

Keep on making babies! :-D


ps: I hate sansflies - I look like one huge bite - they must love my blood! I've got them everywhere and it is so damn itchy!!!





Finally! Yes yes yeah!!! I will try to get more of them uploaded in the next couple of days!




Updated the diary!


I was only able to upload some photos for now - hopefully I will have more time soon and I'll have more pictures for you to look at by then.








Kia Ora



                                 from New Zealand!


Finally an update!


First of all – thank you to everyone who already wrote to me – felt good when I arrived!


Second – I love New Zealand! It is so amazing over here I can’t believe it’s not even been two weeks – it feels like month already! Every day is such an adventure! It’s the perfect time for new beginnings!


What did you do in two weeks? Find out what I did in my diary!


Sweet! :-)



Ps: Pictures are coming soon!


News 2:

5 days left!


News 1: 

Guess I'm online!

But I'm not gone yet - so I am gonna update when I'm there!



Hello Friends and Family,


I hope that with this side I can keep you all updated on what is going on on my trip to New Zealand.


You can find videos, pictures and leave me messages.


More is coming soon!

Stay tuned!